Podcasts and Videos

Selection of podcasts and videos (+ a fun ad I appeared in)

Instant Egghead Videos
Who Was the First Human Ancestor? – ScientificAmerican.com – January 2013

How Do Animals Become Zombies? – ScientificAmerican.com – October 2012

Why Do Some People Live to Be 100? – ScientificAmerican.com – July 2012

How Long Can You Hold Your Breath? – ScientificAmerican.com – May 2012

60-Second Health Podcasts
Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal for Dieters – ScientificAmerican.com – August 2013

Nightcap Drink Disrupts Important Sleep – ScientificAmerican.com – January 2013

Surgical “Never” Events Happen Nevertheless – ScientificAmerican.com – January 2013

Exercise Lengthens Life Regardless of Weight – ScientificAmerican.com – September 2012

Hospital Noise May Disrupt Patient Improvement – ScientificAmerican.com – June 2012

Cruise Ship Bug Takes to the Skies ­- ScientificAmerican.com – December 2011

Hear more 60­-Second Health installments here.

60-Second Science Podcasts
Do These Microbes Make Me Look Fat? – ScientificAmerican.com – November 2013

Urea! Turtle Finds Unusual Excretion Method – ScientificAmerican.com – October 2012

Give Time to Feel Less Time-Squeeze – ScientificAmerican.com – July 2012

Stand Up Now to Stick Around Later – ScientificAmerican.com – July 2012

Spider Parting Gift Makes Him Sterile Father – ScientificAmerican.com – January 2012

Hear more 60­-Second Science installments here.

Ads (based strictly on podcasts, of course)
Swell App: A new audio experience – Swell – 2013


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