Hey, Y’all, Octopus! Reading and Signing Thursday, December 19 in Oklahoma

octopus bookDoes your octopus have cowboy boots? I hope so, because next Thursday, December 19 at 7pm, I’ll be reading and wading into adventure tales from my book Octopus! The Most Mysterious Creature In the Sea at the amazing Circle Cinema in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Yes, it’s very far from the ocean, but Tulsa is my home-sweet-hometown. And I couldn’t be more honored to be invited by the fine folks of Book Smart Tulsa, who have organized the event.

octopus book


The octopus evening is all-ages friendly, of course.
And here are the details:
Thursday, December 19, 7pm
Circle Cinema: 10 S. Lewis Ave., at the corner of Admiral–just south of the Crosstown Expressway.

I’ll be reading, answering questions, and signing books! (And, yes, there will be books there available for purchase.) So giddy-up your octopus and see y’all there!

octopus book