The Octopus Thinks Your Thumbs Are Dumb

octopus book dodoHow many thumbs does an octopus have?

None, obviously. Yet it still manages to wield tools, braid delicate strands of eggs, and open a jar in less than a minute. It can also pass an object up and down its arm–upside down. All without lifting a finger, of course.

How? It’s 1,000+ amazing suckers.

I explain all of this and more reasons why the octopus should be giving us a schooling in thumbleness in my new essay on The Dodo.

So use one of your paltry 10 digits to click through and read more about the magic of the incredible octopus sucker. You’ll be a sucker if you don’t.

More about the amazing octopus sucker in my book, Octopus! The Most Mysterious Creature In the Sea.

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