Get Your Books & Brews On With Octopus! In Greeley, CO, October 25th @ 5:30pm

books & brewsHere in Colorado, we mix everything with beer. (Really good, local microbrew beer, that is.) Running? Why not. Cycling? In moderation, of course. What about books? Duh!

So when the good folks in the Front Range town of Greeley asked if I would participate in their annual Books & Brews event this Saturday, October 25, I was thrilled to join their author lineup.

I’ll be there signing copies of Octopus! The Most Mysterious Creature In the Sea and answering any of your octopus (or writing) questions (and drinking beer, of course):

Zoe’s Bel Air Room
715 10th St., Greeley, CO
Saturday, October 25

Books & Brews is part of their annual READCON event–a day-long event with books, authors, talks, signings, food, and of course, beer! (Local brewers, naturally.) But I can’t say it better than the folks at READCON do: “Like any great, big life event, like any beautiful faraway place, like the best day of your life, it can’t be described. You’ve just got to be there.”

So come on out and be there!

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